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Guests can always explore the ancient hill capital of Kandy with the town centre being about 05 minutes away from BLOSSOM REST, Filled with a rich cultural heritage the city still resembles the majesty of a bygone era. The Temple of the Tooth Relic which still stands tall at the city centre is a temple with decorative walls covered with artwork, a golden roof and fine woodwork.

Religious services are held daily at dawn, mid-day, and in the evening where guests can participate. An evening walk around the Kandy Lake is quite relaxing while there are boat rides available. A visit to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens should not be missed.

Kandy - just 2 km from the bungalow

Kandy, the last royal capital of Sri Lanka is a major tourist destination. (115 kM from Colombo) and is one of the most scenic cities in Sri Lanka. It is both an administrative and religious city and is the capital of the Central Province.Kandy is famous for the Temple of the Tooth Relic and many other ancient temples are located around the city and also called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka Kandy is an ideal place for shopping, especially for traditional handicrafts. Shopping centres in kandy offers a wide selection of handicrafts including batik works. Even the gems and jewellery shops maintain traditional practices and customs.

There are many attractions around Kandy .Some of the most important are as follows....

Built by King Wimaladharmasooriya in the 16th century, the Temple of the Tooth (or Dalada Maligawa) contains the most sacred relic of Buddhism and the most precious symbol of Sinhalese pride. Guarded and venerated by the ancient kings, this sacred tooth was once feared to have been burnt by the Portuguese, only for these claims to be falsified soon afterwards. The best time to visit the temple is for the evening pujawa (ceremony). The traditional drum beats create an ambience of anticipation and mystery, which is rather fitting considering that the tooth itself is never seen.

This lake was built by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last king of Kandy. It has certainly enriched the beauty of the city and refreshes the mood of the visitor who walks by it.

Once a pleasure gardens of a Kandyan Queen this 40ha land is a beautiful park with numerous tropical foliage and the best in the island. The Commander of the allied forces in Southeast Asia Earl Mountbatten had the headquarters in the garden during the Second World War. It hosts more than 5000 varieties of plants and flowers and is considered one of the finest in Asia. The beautiful Peradeniya botanical gardens for which Kandy is famed are only a fifteen minutes away, Peradeniya railway station (on the main Colombo-Kandy and Badulla-Colombo lines) is a five minutes drive.

A tusker carrying the casket of Lord Buddha’s Tooth Relic, in Esala Procesion. The hill-country capital - Kandy lies on a plain amidst towering hills and looped by Sri Lanka's largest river: the Mahaweli. The town’s pleasant temperate climate, its scenic location and its rich history has made it a favourite haunt for travellers. It is also the natural gateway to the stirring peaks of Sri Lanka’s hill country. Now a tiny but bustling city, Kandy still regards itself as the bastion of Buddhist philosophy. During the month of August, Kandy dazzles with the sounds and lights of the Kandy Perehara – a magnificent procession where a sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is majestically paraded on elephant back along the streets of Kandy.

just 30 km to the observation unit of the dam from our bungalow. The Victoria dam is located in a deeply incised gorge in the Dumbare Valley, immediately downstream of the confluence of the River Mahaweli & the Hulu Ganga river in Teldeniya. It is a double curvature arch dam,122m (400ft) high, & 507m (1663ft) long measured along the crest. Its design is said to be the most suitable for the geological conditions & terrain obtaining at Victoria. It has created a storage reservoir of 730 million cubic meters & a power capacity of 210 MW. A unique feature of the Victoria dam is automatically opening spillway crest gates to water when the reservoir level rises beyond full supply level. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second & His Royal Highness Prince Philip visited the Victoria project site in October 1981. Victoria Golf course – 25 km away from the bungalow. The 18-hole championship golf course set in a 517-acre site by the Victoria reservoir was designed to USPGA specification by golf architect Donald Steel. Stately trees & avenues of coconut palms lend the course an air of maturity although it was established only in 1999. Impressive natural outcrops of rocks are a distinctive feature as well as a hazard of the course. The club house consists of changing rooms, showers, food service & golf shop.

The Knuckles Mountain Range covers parts of Kandy and Matale districts and is separated from the Central Hills by the Mahaveli Valley to the South and East and the Matale Valley to the West. The importance of the Knuckles Mountain Range is obtained from several factors. It has a parasitical quality to it because of the mountain peaks, the crystal clear and perennial waterways, cloud forests and exquisite fauna and flora. Pregnant with history running into several millennia and a veritable treasure house of cultural heritage, the Knuckles Mountain Range can be considered a as a mirror to the past. Knuckles mountain range and forest reserve is a A world famous destination for hiking,trekking,bird watching, camping and many other adventure activities.

A Visit to meemure village offers guests an opportunity to experience what it is like to live in the ancient isolated village of Meemure. The village is situated deep in the Knuckles Wilderness, where the local people have maintained their traditional and cultural attitudes towards the forest’s existence. They rely heavily on the forest for their survival and gain as much as 63% of their total income from the forest resources.

The Largest statue of Lord Buddha carving on a rock after many centuries.